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Every Wednesday we arrange the largest showcase in the east side by Mary Mack, Infared, TGC Steelo, DJ Mello. To help shape, define and celebrate the culture that has given us so much and brought us so much closer. We are bringing the BIGGEST Hip Hop artist show case in town.

Marry Mac the Hottest rapper in The Carolinas, with a lineup of only the best of the best upcoming Rappers are joining at Fusion Lounge. Our mission and vision is to recognize greatness when it's due! Special Guests will be performing live, the list will come out soon, only working with the best of the best!! Empower the young, hustling artists, CHARLOTTE-QUEEN CITY- AND ALL OF CAROLINAS Pay attention!!! You don't got next, ACTUALLY THE TIME IS NOW!!! Calling out all artists rappers, producers, managers, DJs, promoters, photographers, videographers, clothing designers, podcasters, anyone and everyone in the music/urban scene will be there!! We appreciate you, this is for you, come make history! This is your time to shine, meet, and network with the best of the best. Lots of artists are gonna be in this Star Studded Event and you could be next!! You missing out? I'm not!

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